Why you should not neglect your health as an entrepreneur…

Health, as they say, is wealth.

More so when you are an entrepreneur, who’s trying to build a business which often takes up almost all of your time and effort.

Entrepreneurs have to nurture their businesses, allowing them to grow and expand.

Often, entrepreneurs are handling most aspects of the business themselves ; from inter-acting with customers to managing stocks, communication etc.

In the process, your health often takes a back seat – 24/7 work cycles with no breaks for rest and recreation can soon become the norm.

Sounds familiar?

Of course – we’ve all been there as entrepreneurs. 

But the crux of the matter is that your health is as important – perhaps even more – than your business.

It is important that you find the time to make sure your health is at optimum levels – for many reasons.

Check them out.

Your health is the reason why you are running your business –

Why do we start a business? More of than not, not only to do something new but also to enable ourselves to run it well and of course, reap the benefits as well. None of us would dream of running a business in a way that would impact our health or that of our families negatively.

So, literal speaking, we are the reason why we run our businesses – which means we need to worry more about achieving optimum health that would allow us to run the business well.

In other words, pay attention to the state of your health. Watch what you eat, exercise and go for regular check ups as and when needed.

You owe it to yourself and your family to keep your health in check.

Find the time to rest –

It might be one long day once in a while but don’t let that define the way you work.

Putting yourself through a harrowing work schedule is risky – all of that stress can impact you negatively and hinder your health and ultimately, your business.

When we don’t rest adequately, we can’t run our businesses the way they should be run.

We cannot give 100% of ourselves to our businesses.

Set a schedule for your work week – and slot in time of rest and recreation into your schedule.

Try to stick to it and you will be able to work even better when you take adequate rest.

Keep in mind that you must stay strong and healthy for your business to function well –

You are at the centre of your business – without you, there would not be a business.

Understand the role you play in giving life to your dreams, your business.

In order for you to perform well, you must be able to pay great attention to your health and your well being.

You need rest, you need nourishment and you need to take proper care of your body.This is fundamental to entrepreneurship – unless you learn these basic but vital principles, you will have a burn out at some point of your career.

In order for you to stay strong and function efficiently, you must pay proper attention to what you do and what you allow yourself to.

Pay attention to your health – take your medications and don’t leave illness unattended.

Importance of nutrition and exercise –

Being an entrepreneur does not mean you must sacrifice other things in life.

Top of the list is proper nutrition and exercise- lifestyle changes that are important for you to build a healthy life that will only encourage your business.

You must be able to find the time to exercise, to take in proper nourishment and take meals on time.

Stress and bad health practices can impact your health negatively.

You must keep in mind that a healthy entrepreneur is a better entrepreneur who can function better.

A lot rides on your well being –

Not only your business but your family, your employees and your suppliers and fo course your customers rely on you to be their foundation.

Doesn’t work well when you are not feeling well or not up to the level of optimum performance.

Make sure that you are taking care of yourself not only for yourself but also for those whose lives and jobs depend on you.

A lot is riding on you.

Remember that every entrepreneur must consider health as a priority.










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