Are we the change we want to see in Sri Lanka?

Are we the change we want to see?

We talk of change – in systems, in the way we think and work, in our approach to everyday life.

But have we really thought about it – are we the change we want to see?

We need to start with ourselves if we want change that’s tangible, effective and result oriented.

It has to start with everyone of us.

Air a time when our nation is on the threshold of tangible change, when people have come to the brink of tolerance, there’s much we can do to bring the change we want to see.

That change can and should start with us.

Ensure using right channels to make use of a state related service –

We all know how state related services work in this country. Back hand bribes, favouritism, a word put in by a known person – this is way we have got things done in the past.

Are we ready now not to resort to that but ensure that we will use the right channels to get work done?

If we will ourselves to do the right thing, we can bring about change.

Waiting for our turn –

How many of us would be able to wait for our turn – instead, we would try to approach someone known to someone and often bend the rules just to get things done.

If we choose to wait for our turn and not try to take the palm oiling method, we would be bringing in the change we envisage for our nation.

Befriending politicians –

Some of us would not hesitate to befriend a politician if something that needs to be done can be done easily through political channels.

That needs to change – that will change – in the nation we are all dreaming of.

People are determined not to allow politicians to be glorified and worshipped, paving the way for them to be toppled from high places.

We can bring change if we choose to stand on our own merit and not allow a politician’s clout to get things done sooner, better.

Rely on our own skill and talent –

If you are confident of who you are, what skills you have and what you are capable of, you don’t need anything or anyone else to make an honest living.

Change happens when we learn to rely on our own expertise and our own skills – to acquire them even if we don’t have them so that we are not depending on who’s known to whom or our relationships to get things done.

Be proud of who we are as Sri Lankans –

Not demeaning the country we call home but be proud of the fact that change is indeed possible.

To truly appreciate the fact that despite all of the issues and the problems, we still live in a beautiful country with beautiful people.

Learning to appreciate what we have is sometimes challenging but it can bring about change.

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