Pfizer buys healthcare app made by Sri Lankan

Pfizer buys healthcare app made by Sri Lankan scientist

Pfizer buys healthcare app of Sri Lankan scientist based in Queensland Australia.

A Sri Lankan healthcare expert’s ingenuity has fueled one of the biggest tech happenings in the world in the aftermath of Covid-19. It is considered a breakthrough and a great initiative that has resulted in it being snapped up by a global healthcare leader.

ResApp Health Limited – a company based in Brisbane, introduced a smartphone app through the diagnostic technology developed by Associate Professor Udantha Abeyratne and his team at the University of Queensland. The app is able to monitor, record and analyze a patient’s cough to identify the virus. Additionally the app is also able to measure the severity of a range of respiratory and pulmonary diseases including Covid-19 and other illnesses like pneumonia and asthma. 

Dr Abeyratne’s pioneering effort has been hailed as a one of a kind in the healthcare industry globally.

Success rate caught the eye of Pfizer –

Studies that were conducted were able to place a success rate of 92% on the app which caught the attention of Pfizer. They in turn went on to acquire the smartphone app for $179 million in order to enhance the digital health avenue of their business.

The Sri lankan – Dr. Udantha Abeyratne and his research team received funding from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. With the funding, the team was able to begin their work on the app more than a decade ago. 

The app fulfils a vision for greater patient outcomes –

Dr. Abeyratne has always envisioned the creation of a digital app that would greatly aid and improve patient outcomes in remote locations that don’t have access to significant healthcare as well as any other place around the world. Making this easier is the fact that the app does not require a network connection in order to diagnose the illnesses.

As respiratory diseases are rapidly on the rise and threatening the global population at an extensive rate, a digital app is able to detect and identify diseases at cost effective and use friendly methods. Through the application, a patient is able to be diagnosed with the app within minutes. This is able to reduce screening time, admission costs and the burden overall to patients and physicians alike.

User friendly aspects –

These use friendly and convenient features of the digital app also means that in either pandemic or disaster stricken areas, despite floods for instance, the diagnosis is still able to be made for patients that require assistance.

Pfizer buys healthcare app of Sri Lankan scientist because of its huge appeal in the healthcare industry.

Innovation is at the core of the app –

Driven by innovation and the ability to apply innovation to diagnostics, Dr Abeyratne and his team have been able to address a current issue which is a considerable concern for health through the application of technology.

The app meets a current need ; there is always scope for technology to be able to address an existing need in a way that adds value to the patient proposition. In this case, the app has enhanced the potential for a health condition to be identified in order to be treated.

Pfizer buys the healthcare app of Sri Lankan scientist and ensures that the app meets the huge demand for diagnostic tools in healthcare.

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