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AB Mauri Lanka Unveils New Innovative Baking Ingredient Lineup

Portfolio Extension to Be Introduced at CAFÉ 2024 Culinary Art Food Expo

AB Mauri Lanka – a division of AB Mauri based in Peterborough, U.K. – is set to launch a trio of new products at the upcoming CAFE 2024 Culinary Art Food Expo on June 7-9 at BMICH. Each bakery ingredient is designed to assist commercial and artisan bakers to answer opportunities behind vegan baking, egg replacement, popular sourdough flavors and even on-shelf stackability.

Bakers attending the food expo will be able to find out more information on FOVO vegan and egg replacement, Aromaferm cereal ferments and Vega for bun resilience. AB Mauri Lanka representatives will be on-hand each day from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. inside booth stalls 66-68 to discuss their offers under the theme, ‘An Invitation to Experience the Future of Baking.’

AB Mauri Lanka

 “We are excited to invite all bakery and culinary professionals in the region to explore our latest technology and gain insight into how our new products can assist them in creating outstanding baked food items,” said Surajdeen Seiyad, Country Director, AB Mauri Lanka. “This is a unique opportunity for local and regional bakers to experience groundbreaking developments and interact with our industry experts, ultimately enhancing baking techniques.”

FOVO egg replacement range offers highly-functional solutions that can significantly reduce or even completely replace eggs in finished baked goods. This innovative line not only addresses the need for delicious and indulgent products but also emphasizes animal welfare, environmental sustainability and a reduced carbon footprint. The FOVO product range includes a FOVO cake concentrate available with or without baking powder and an egg replacer capable of replacing up to 100 percent of the egg content in recipes.

The new Aromaferm portfolio introduces three varieties of products including wheatgerm, durum and rye ferments, assuring the presence of natural fermentation ingredients for bakers big and small. These natural sourdough items, derived from wheat milling byproducts fermented with select starter cultures, are ideally suited for creative artisanal, sandwich & Mediterranean-style breads, baguettes, pizza crusts and more. Key benefits include improved flavor, enhanced texture, increased freshness and resilience and more.

Vega, a unique range of products designed to boost resilience in buns, is also set for introduction. Crafted to meet modern tastes and offering a soft, resilient bite with a fine texture and white crumb, Vega ensures that buns remain fresh for an extended period, boast excellent resistance to compression and maintain an even crust colour. These qualities make finished baked goods with Vega technology perfect for stacking through commercial distribution.

About AB Mauri Lanka:

AB Mauri Lanka operates under the umbrella of Associated British Foods PLC, a renowned global bakery ingredient manufacturer based in the U.K.  Associated British Foods PLC maintains a significant international presence, operating 52 factories across more than 32 countries. With an extensive international network, AB Mauri Lanka remains committed to empowering the Sri Lankan bakery industry by providing high-quality ingredients trusted worldwide. More information can be found at https://www.abmauri.lk

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