What is influencer marketing and how can it help entrepreneurs?

Entrepreneurs have always pursued engagement and entrepreneur opportunities.

In the olden days, it was known as through endorsements. Today its known as influencers.

It was usually done by a well known personality.

But today, things have changed.

Generation Z and Millennials of today have their own versions of Brand Ambassadors known as Influencers.

Simply put, these influencers are those who have built a voice of authority on social media such as Instagram.

They can push brands and endorse products and there would be many rushing out to get what is being endorsed.

Influencer marketing is here to stay.

And let’s see why.

Greater smartphone usage –

By end of 2019, eMarketeer research findings show that consumers will spend more time on their smartphones than watching TV – for the first time. Consumers are spending a considerable amount of time on their smartphones scrolling through social media channels.

China and India expected to hit 800 million smartphone users by 2022, social media and smartphone based apps are likely to drive businesses that target young, globally tech savvy consumers who engage primarily on their smartphones.

So basically, smart phone users are using more smartphone based apps such as Instagram to get what they need.

Enter influencer categories on Instagram who can make an impact.

More focus on non-traditional marketing tools on line –

Markets are changing and so are consumers. Entrepreneurs too.

Consumers of today want opinions and ideas to count as their own. They wouldn’t think twice about trusting the word of someone who sounds credible and an expert in a selected field of operations.

Influencers can indeed influence consumers to buy or subscribe to services and good they are promoting.

As more and more non-traditional marketing tools debut on line, more and more consumers will be opting to use new and innovative channels to connect with brands and services.

Influencers are one such channel.

Influencer marketing is less costly than using traditional media –

Brands are always seeking new and cost effective ways to push their names through various channels.

Getting a product into the hands of an influencer who will then share it with his or her following on social media, is a cheaper and an effective way of pushing a product.

It also enables greater engagement, unlike the traditional endorsement of a product or a service by a celebrity or a usual opinion leader.

Using influencers therefore is a cost effective way that is also very visible and result-oriented.

Influencers such as Kylie Jenner can actually push a brand within minutes of sharing a post on Instagram – her own brand of cosmetics became a worldwide hit by being promoted by her on her social media.

Influencer marketing is getting results –

From brand endorsements to gracing events, influencers have been able to get results for brands and services they are promoting. This stems fro the fact that associating a brand with an influencer can introduce an element of believability to a brand.

Influencers also are able to show results through engagement and shares – so that the brands get to see how many have seen the post and how many shares have been there.

Influencers will grow –

Experts believe that influencers will grow in 2020 – there will be more micro influencers and more engagement through influencer segments.

Influencers with relevance to brands and their specific focus will continue to see greater engagement – with brands and their own subscribers.

Influencer marketing is poised to make an impact upon the world of consumer choices. As more and more avenues that engage with specific groups of consumers grow, influencers are expected to be a vital segment for marketing in the days to come, as experts confirm.







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