4 Entrepreneurial success tips Jack Ma can teach us…

“No matter how smart you are. If you don’t know how to work with people, your dreams will just be dreams” – Jack Ma

Jack Ma is no stranger to failure. Long before his success story, Alibaba, came along to change the landscape of the way we understand e-commerce, Ma faced a string of failures. Instead of giving up, Ma used the wrong turns as building blocks of success.

There are many lessons we can learn from him. Let’s look at a few.

Choose a team that wants to succeed

Jack Ma said in the 2017 Economic Forum, “Not everyone has the luxury of going to a fancy school and getting degrees and landing a great job, others have to hustle day and night to get through the day, they got the gears and willpower to push for what they want and need”, as such Billionaire Entrepreneurs such as Jack Ma know this and aim for such people.

Ma also claims that as a business person, we should be considered about where our money comes from and where it goes to. He also explains that young entrepreneurs should aim at helping secondary sectors and tertiary sectors to grow.

Giving up is the greatest failure

Jack ma knows that even when you give it your best and you still fail to reach your goal. The key to success is patience, persevering and learning from your mistakes like all great entrepreneur know. A fine example of this is when Ma was trying to apply to the Harvard University, he was rejected 10 TIMES!!!, and what’s not surprising is that he got rejected, but that he bothered applying that many times in the first place. From this, we can learn what sets Jack Ma from others.

Work smarter not harder

Rather than always trying to be number 1, The founder and CEO of Alibaba said, “why not find people who are smarter than you, when you find them, then my job is to make sure that they can work together. And then if smart people can work together. It’s easier for the vision you believe. Because stupid people can work together easily, smart people can never work together.”

Ma gives us a steady idea, for younger generations who want to build their empire someday. At your youth, you should seek out jobs, as to build experience, knowledge and gain contacts, once you reach the age of 30, your able to now start trying out new ideas and see what you good at, since you can still afford to lose or fail, but when you hit the age of 40 that’s when you start to do things your good at. When you’re at the age of 50, you can now spend time building up the younger generation and develop them. At the age of 60, you should spend time with your grandchildren.

Make friends, not enemies

Jack Ma’s idea of business is one the most unique “the idea of friendly competition”. He does not see his competitors as an obstacle, rather they are friends, he can learn from and who challenge him to achieve his full potential.

Are you aiming to succeed in being an entrepreneur?

You too can learn a lot from the advice given by the founder of Alibaba.

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