How to make powerful connections without social media

Too many people are disconnected from reality. Social media has come to dominate our world – our relationships and the way we connect to each other. Which of course is not good.

Today, entrepreneurs have the opportunity to make use of social media to make the connections and power in reaching audiences. But how can we do it the proper way – without seeming to be distant or disconnected?

One big contributor to this is the fact that our brain is stimulated every time we learn something new.

This means every time we see a new post, notification or email, we’re learning new information

Talking about oneself on social media in their own natural way is rewarding and activates a pleasure sensation in the brain usually associated with food, money and sex. To make matters worse, dopamine also gets released when we accomplish small tasks. So, every email we send or message we respond to is giving us a shot of some more feel-good chemicals.

Here are 4 tips on how we can improve your connection with your audiences and each other

Remember that everything on social media may not be real – an unreal reality.

It’s no one’s fault that we all enjoy sharing positive things about ourselves on social media rather than negative things. The difficulty comes into play when we are only exposed to all the amazing things people are doing and we view them in social media.

When you see someone performing an unmatchable feat on social media, it doesn’t mean that anyone can do it. It may be edited – it may be a rare feat. So do not get carried away by such posts.

Always try to relate to your audiences with realistic posts.

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Situations cannot be compared –

Our brain is naturally wired to protect us, so it is constantly on the lookout for any threats in our environment. One way it does this is by comparing us to that of everyone else — to see where we measure up in the world.

If that person has a better job, relationship or life than you, it can create instant internal reflection and make you question what you are not doing right or what you need to do more of. if you are going on social media and subconsciously comparing yourself to this unreal reality of perfection, it’s going to potentially make you feel less of yourself.

Remember that social media cannot be compared – only used as a great way to connect with your audiences, your customers and your contacts. Anything beyond it would mean you are getting too involved in the world of social media.

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Form real connections –

Social media and smartphones have made people lonelier than they were before. What is concerning is that other studies are finding that loneliness is on the rise today, especially among young people. How is it that more people today feel lonelier than ever before, yet we are supposedly more “connected” at the same time? With all the messages and notifications, we receive, it may feel like we’re connecting and interacting with so many people; but to what level? Is it actually establishing close relationships or just surface ones?

How many social media interactions, likes, comments and messages result to the connection we get from being in the presence of one person? Because often times, when you eventually do physically meet or hang out with people you’ve been connecting with online, you find out they aren’t as perfect as you once thought. They do have flaws, insecurities and challenges, and you realize that they’re like everyone else. You also realize you’re not alone in whatever you may be going through in your life or business.

Try to form actual connections with your audience – be they customers or friends. Engage in positive conversations, ones that help you and help them. Keep it real – and you will find that it pays to make real connections online.

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How can we combat the challenges of social media?

Understanding what is going on inside our brain while we use social media and being aware of this need to belong is an important component. We can’t control what we don’t understand.

Social media is powerful –  is a great tool. But we have to understand its limitations – while it can help us reach our audience, it can also spurn negative feedback, sometimes unwarranted. We need to be mindful of the positive aspects and the negative aspects of social media.

What do you think about using social media?

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