Are you a true entrepreneur?

Find out with these 06 tips.

What does entrepreneurship take? Time? Effort? Energy? Or a combination of all of it. Often, it takes more than all of this. It takes that extra special sense of accomplishment and the desire to see your idea become a business you can believe in. It is a challenge but one that will change your life and usher you into a new experience – one that is enriching as it is challenging.

Take our test to see if you fit into the mold of a true entrepreneur. You will be able to incorporate these into your journey as you start out on your own.

Entrepreneurs are made – This is true. No entrepreneur ever became one simply because it was there for the taking. Neither does entrepreneurship happen overnight. It often comes out of a felt need – one that is not being met.  A need will drive an entrepreneur to develop a solution that answers that need. Many entrepreneurs have been successful in applying this principle to their businesses – the right way.

Driven by a vision – Entrepreneurship is almost always driven by a vision, a goal that makes the journey worthwhile. That vision holds the picture together and empowers them even when things may not go right at first. The vision will keep you going when the climb is steep and the ride takes up everything you have got.

Consistent in approach – Entrepreneurs usually maintain a consistency in their approach towards making their business work. They have worked out the math and believe in the plan. They may make changes as they go along but by and large they understand that a plan is worth sticking to. A plan that is focused and practical will empower you in ways you cannot even imagine towards reaching your goal.

Flexible and yielding  – Entrepreneurship is a road fraught with many turns and swifts. You might have to be flexible and allow changes to your business model as you progress. You may have to divert slightly from original plans. As you begin to understand the market dynamics and customer needs, you may want to keep adjusting until you get your mix right.

Committed to improvement – Entrepreneurship rides high on baking that perfect cake – good at what you do? Keep trying to improve the service, enhance the product. Wherever you can see improvement, there’s where you will go. Improving the existing product or service and looking at ways to evolve it into an even better offering – that is an unbeatable combination when it comes to business sense.

Uncompromising ethics – Starting on your own is never easy – yet shortcuts don’t drive entrepreneurship. If you wanted the easy way, you should probably stay working for someone else. The entrepreneur journey relies heavily on compromising, unflinching ethics that will get you the ovation – although not always visible, it does get noticed. Uncompromising on quality, level of service and staying customer centric all the time. Those values would serve you well on your entrepreneurial journey.

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