How to market your business on social media effectively

Technology is great and enables us to showcase our business to the world. Social media today is a vital aspect of digital marketing and enables us to connect with our customers out there.

But just how do we go about it? There’s a lot of information out there but you need to be an expert to pick and choose what works.

In fact, marketing digitally is not all that complex; but it does call for new thinking.

Discover for yourself how you too can use online resources and make proper use of social media to share your business with the world.

Aim for creativity –

Social media posts that are creative get better traction and engagement. Be creative about what you share; don’t let it be just another post that tells the world about your business. Share one part of your services in a way that gets your target market to respond.  The more creative the post, greater the response.

Ask for engagement –

Invite your audiences to respond in some way to your post – ask them to give ideas or suggestions in a way that encourages engagement. Having an engaging audience is a must on social media; to ensure that your message does get through. Ask them to share with you what they think is good; encourage them to share feedback and get them interested in looking out for more.

Showcase your business –

Make sure you have the right photographs; on Instagram, it is all about images. The more great looking the picture, greater the engagement. If you are running a business in food, you have a great opportunity to share images of your dishes; build on aspects such as color and appearance and share on Instagram. You can share ideas and recipes on Facebook as well. Make sure that you spend time choosing the right images, the right angles before you post. Don’t attempt it randomly without planning ; you will be surprised with the results.

Be consistent –

Social media is effective as long as you consistently share content on it. Keep sharing posts every day;  keep one day of the week for a specific subject. If you are running a creative handicraft business, you can share content every Thursday, as a nod to the weekend and leisure time. Always follow up on your posts and make sure your content is varied and interesting. Have a calendar of events in place to help you choose.

Follow up on the comments –

Always watch out for the comments and follow up – customers maybe waiting for you to discover them. Respond to the comments and thank them – also encourage them to visit your website or contact you if they ever need your services.

Remember that social media is powerful – if utilized correctly, it can help you build a strong customer base and enable you to showcase your products and services extensively. There are entrepreneurs like you who have built their entire business on social media.

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