is happiness a part of your business

Is happiness a part of your business?

“Happiness is not by chance but by choice” – Jim Rohn

Happiness as a part of your business – for many entrepreneurs, their equation often doesn’t count happiness in.

They are often busy developing and making sure their business is heading in the right direction to worry about including happiness into the equation.

But what we as entrepreneurs must remember that everything we try to build would be useless unless happiness is very much a part of our plan.

How do we factor in happiness as a part of our business? Is it worth the effort? How would it help us build a better business or create greater value?

Happiness is crucial to everything we do-

The sooner we realise that happiness is crucial to everything we do, the sooner we understand the connection between being happy and miserable.

There’s not much point in pursuing a business or any other interest until and unless we understand that it is better on the whole to be happy than miserable.

Too many people reach their goals in life but are filled with misery and sadness.

If you factor in happiness early on in in your business, you will not need to spend much effort in including it as a part of your plan.

Success doesn’t guarantee happiness –

You may know by now that not all rich and powerful people are happy.

Just look at the headlines.

The billionaires and the successful are not content and happy judging by their actions – it seems that more success you achieve, the happiness equation eludes you.

Which is why you as an entrepreneur must keep in mind that being happy is more important than being highly successful.

Being moderately successful might be a good idea if you are the type who’s content with what you can get done without compromising on your happiness.

Success often means longer hours, dedicated work and not enough time to spend with those who matter to you most. This often results in fractured relationships and impact private lives, resulting in a loss of happiness.

Happiness in personal life must be a priority –

Is happiness with your family, doing what you love to do non-negotiable? Or is it relative to the success you seek as an entrepreneur?

Ideally, it must form the bedrock of your life. Without seeking being happy with your family and those closest to you, there isn’t much point in achieving success. It might even be hollow and meaningless.

Giving up personal happiness just to achieve a success story as an entrepreneur is no longer a valid currency for successful entrepreneurship. In fact, it it may even be detrimental to everything you are trying to achieve as an entrepreneur.

Prioritise happiness today – don’t leave it until it might be too late.

Find time now to be happy – not wait until you are successful –

If happiness is not a part of your story now, don’t wait until you are established enough or big enough to chase happiness.

It may not be within your league by then.

Give it the space it deserves now – take that weekend off, go on that holiday – take your kids to the movies.

Whatever it takes to create happiness in your life should be a priority for every entrepreneur.

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