Entrepreneurs can learn from Dammika Perera

Entrepreneurs can learn from Dammika Perera’s plans earn dollars in Sri Lanka

Entrepreneurs can learn from Dammika Perera’s plans to earn dollars in Sri Lanka. Earning foreign currency that is much needed must form the basis of every entrepreneur.

In today’s economy that is connected across the world, entrepreneurship is accessible and easy to start – what is needed is innovation, smart way of thinking and a desire to build a business based on a solid idea.

Dammika Perera, the well known entrepreneur who has successfully built a business empire and who has now been appointed a Minister, presented some of his ideas on how foreign exchange can be earned – within Sri Lanka.

Many things can inspire entrepreneurship – we hope that the ideas he presented will also help inspire entrepreneurs.

Encourage a knowledge based economy that can earn foreign exchange –

We all know what a knowledge based economy is.

In today’s IT driven world, there is a huge demand for tech based services – software takes pride of place.

Developing software solutions, apps and other tech based services will always be a powerful business that can bring in foreign exchange. Learning skills that can be utilised to initiate a tech based start up is vital if we are to go forward as a nation. Dammika Perera’s vision in this aspect is well founded and must be considered as a way forward for entrepreneurs.

Update and enhance the higher education and learning opportunities for foreign students –

Upgrading our available higher educational facilities, encouraging greater private sector participation and opening the doors to foreign students to study here is yet another innovative and do-able way of bringing in foreign currency while encouraging and uplifting our own higher educational standards.

Dammika Perera’s focus on enhancing these facilities together with the partnerships he has formed through his educational portal with universities is already setting the stage for the expansion and growth of our universities.

Encouraging budget airlines to visit Sri Lanka with low cost travel-

Encouraging those who travel the world on low cost travelling to visit us with budget airlines is yet another strategy he proposed. Networked with low priced home stays and hotels on lower ranking, this is a possible way of encouraging backpackers and other travel nomads to visit Sri Lanka – everyone of them will spend dollars when they visit.

Inviting digital nomads to Sri Lanka –

Digital nomads are a popular concept among Millennials who often like to travel and work at the same time. Encouraging them to visit and work here is yet another of his proposals – which seems encouraging and practical given the status Sri Lanka already has as a popular destination for the younger generation.

Entrepreneurs can learn from similar initiatives that are undertaken elsewhere in the world in this space.

Making use of our iconic destinations –

Every Instagrammer knows the iconic images taken on the Ella train – the arched bridge of Ella remains one of the most well recognized images of Sri Lanka across the world. Making use of those destinations to pull crowds in a planned and sustainable manner can be undertaken to combine with his plan to bring in more backpacker tourists to Sri Lanka.

Even making use of our traditional crops such as tea, with world famous Ceylon tea can be utilised in building a strong brand for Sri Lanka.

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