Why do business leaders need emotional fitness?

Business leaders need emotional fitness.

We know about physical fitness but what do we know about emotional fitness?

Emotional fitness is central to building a success oriented mindset for an entrepreneur and a business owner.

How do we achieve emotional fitness?

Emotional fitness means being able to manage your internal emotional stress –

We are driven by fight or flight syndrome that is built into our survival instinct. This often fuels negative emotions that in turn will impact the way we respond. Negative emotions are easier to harbour than positive ones – over time, this can create a stronghold whereby everything you do will be tinged by negativity.

The best way to overcome this is to manage internal emotional stress successfully by not allowing negative outlook to prevail.

Talk to yourself –

Talking to yourself is a good way to deal with negative energy.

Check in with yourself several times a day and ensure that you are not slavishly drawn into negative aspects that are bad for you personally and for your business.

This can be done several times a day – check yourself and your state of mind often. Talk to yourself when you need to make decisions that impact everything you do.

Understand that being positive starts with you – you have to be the first convert.

Don’t allow the imagined situations to become a reality –

Too many of us imagine the worst.

Very often the worst doesn’t always happen the way we think it would. Don’t allow your negative mindset to overrule everything else and foster the imagined reality.

Be conscious of the imagined situations -n and try to be guided by what you know will happen and lessen the stress.

Don’t allow stress to rule –

Stress can easily take over everything if you allow it to.

Be conscious of stress levels building – remember that staying calm and collected is a mindset you can cultivate even in the most challenging situations.

Don’t give in to the feeling of wanting to panic and cause stress.

They say count to the – give yourself enough time to compose your thoughts and your emotional status before doing anything else.

Separate your thoughts from reality –

Your thoughts or your mindset is not reality – understand the difference.

When you are able to separate your thoughts from reality, you are allowing yourself to understand the reality before responding.

As tempting as it is to interpret situations through your mental acceptance or rejection, remember that reality is not to be viewed through your own emotional set up.

Validate your ability to make balanced judgements –

Too many of us do not believe in ourselves enough to understand that we can make sound decisions – even under pressure.

Understand that your ability to make the right choices is possible especially under trying circumstances.

Leaders need emotional fitness on a daily basis.

That comes with experience, by being conscious of the need to address the situation while keeping a calm mindset.

You can cultivate this over time – you need to be aware of the need to keep your head cool under even the most trying circumstances.

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