Entrepreneurs, now is the time to give back to society

To give back to society forms the bedrock of every business we run as entrepreneurs.

Without the society, we do not have a platform for our business or put simply, our business.

To give back to society is more relevant today than ever before. Every entrepreneur who runs his or her business today understands this only too well.

Giving back to society not only forms the bedrock but is also means we are gainfully engaged as entrepreneurs. It adds and enhances the value of CSR – further, it imparts a sense of gratitude to the consumers at large and strengthens the business.

Social entrepreneurship where a business does support social change targeted activities, is also a popular cause for many businesses today.

We need to understand as entrepreneurs that without the society, we do not have a business to run. Literally.

Let’s look at a few ways in which we can give back to the society.

Be involved in a cause as a business –

It is good business sense and also great community spirit to be committed as a business to a cause you believe in.

You can support the cause in various ways – you can tag it along your business communication and on social media and you can actively share status information on how the business supports the cause.

It can bring more customers and it can also encourage current customers to support you even further.

But remember that being supportive of a cause can only work if you continue to engage in meaningful ways of giving back.

Share your products or services freely –

Giving away your products and services for free is really walking the talk of supporting the causes you believe in.

You can donate products or distribute them – such actions would affirm the beliefs and causes you as a business strongly agree with.

Be conscious of the importance of social action –

We can’t be blind to what is going on around us.

Social action against inefficient, corruption, violence and government lethargy is mandatory for civilised societies who do not believe in simply putting up with it.

Being ignorant or telling yourself that it is none of your business does not work any longer in today’s world.

If you are supportive, then you need to share that publicly with your consumers.

It is important from a personal view point also to support social action. If you don’t and pretend it will go away or does not need your involvement, you will soon see that it will come home to you also. Which is why we need to be aware of the impact on us as individuals as well.

Stay involved by sharing information –

Even if you are unable to get directly involved due to various commitments, you can always be a conduit for information and encourage others to be involved.

There might be others who would be willing enough to participate but not have access to information or know how to.

You can always facilitate such conversations and show your support.

Remember that if it can happen to one, it can happen to all.

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