Here’s how to advertise the right way

How to advertise the right way is a mix that many entrepreneurs don’t always get right.

Advertising is such a hackneyed word yet it remains one of the most powerful tools we can use as entrepreneurs the right way.

We will share some great but simple tips on how you can maximise your ad strategy and ensure your business has the right communications mix it needs to build customers and get business.

Check these out.

Understand your target market and their communication needs –

Who is your target market? Understand the mediums they are exposed to – if they are the young, then they would engage mostly on Instagram. If they are older, they are likely to be on Facebook.

Understand their habits as well – again, posting at night time might be better than in the morning for certain audiences.

Try to get a snapshot of the communication elements your target audience is exposed to before undertaking any advertising.

Develop a strong message –

Tell a good story – work on a powerful message. Keep it simple. Share it when you are ready to tell your brand’s story. Work on getting it right.

Remember to include what you want to specifically say – cut the background noise and zero in on the message.

How to advertise the right way is all about getting your message right.

Choose your selling platform –

Are you selling online?

Or in person?

The platform where selling is done is is important to reach the right customers. With many people selling online, the right platform will get your products in front of your selected audience.

This is also important to fine tune your advertising mix.

Develop creatives that suit your audience –

Your creatives must be simple, short and to the point. It must also address your audience.

A good idea would be to do a test run with your creatives. Try them out with someone you know or your loyal c customers. Ask for their feed back.

Choose light coloured backgrounds for the product or the brand to stand out. Avoid clutter and use creatives that involve photos ; faces and people always connect better than only products.

Set metrics on the results you want –

Have a measurement process on the outcome of the advertising plan.

What results are you looking for? More sales – obviously but also building your brand and maybe referrals?

Choose the metrics you want to base your results on. You can easily do this on social media platforms like Facebook by inserting your goal for an ad campaign.

Follow up on the campaign –

Once you run your ad campaign, follow up on leads or inquiries.

Talk to your customers if they leave feedback. Ask them to engage with the ad on the platform. Stay connected and thank customers for their inquiries.

Remember that when advertising on social media platforms, engagement is key. Engage with your audiences, your customers and those who might be interested in your product.

Keeping your advertising interesting, creative and innovative will go a long way in getting you customers and more business.

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