Lessons from Yohani’s musical success for entrepreneurs…

Musical success for entrepreneurs is a unique subject yet lessons from Yohani’s musical success for entrepreneurs are many and real.

What can we learn from the overwhelming success Yohani as a Sri Lankan rap star has had in the recent weeks?

It all started with a TikTok video that she did, as she shared in a media interview – others wanted to collaborate with her on a full version and that’s exactly what they did.

Their YouTube video of “Manike Mage Hithe” was not only picked up by Amitabh Bachchan himself who shared it on his Twitter account but went viral in India and the Subcontinent, garnering over 40 million incredible views.

So what’s her success got to do with entrepreneurship – plenty actually.

There are always lessons in every icon for entrepreneurs everywhere.

Let’s look at a few.

Clear goal ahead – musical lessons for entrepreneurs –

As Yohani shared modestly in her media interview, she has always had a clear goal as to where she wanted to go.

She knew where her journey was going – she understands that success is a part of it but it is not the end in itself.

Success should ideally be the byproduct of the journey – we can look forward to bigger and better success stories as we continue our journey of entrepreneurship.

Willing to collaborate and open to flexibility –

Although she has had hits in the past, it was nothing like the hit Manike Mage Hithe that launched her into the global music stage.

It was made possible because she was willing to co-operate, collaborate and open to flexibility.

This is what sets the successful people apart from the rest – open to challenges, open to ideas and opportunities without being limited to a box.

She was open to suggestions, to collaborations – which opened doors to the world.

Understood the power of connection –

In today’s seamlessly connected world, with active social media platforms, hits are born through the power of connection.

People connect with a tune, a song or a video. It brings the world together to celebrate a song that sticks in your head, words that get your dancing feet on the floor.

Although half of the people listening to Yohani’s song in Sinhala on You Tube, that didn’t stop them from sharing it and enjoying it.

Not affected by the success –

Yohani remains humble and simple despite her success – a powerful lesson for all of us. Lessons from her musical success for entrepreneurs are many indeed.

She will continue to work and develop songs – which is what is important to her. Success can come and go but what inspires you must be what you choose as your work, your life’s passion.

She is on a road to achieving her goals – success is only a part of it for her.

Ability to see beyond the brickbats and the naysayers –

Yohani had faced criticism in her career but she never took it in. She chose instead to focus on the positives, going on to generate a massive hit that those who criticised her could never achieve for themselves.

That’s how entrepreneurs must think – never to accept the negativity but to overcome it with more positivity that negativity can handle.

Achieving 40 million hits on a You Tube of a Sri Lankan rap star is a first ever for the country ; she has clearly gone where no one has gone before.

More power to Yohani.

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