Powerful Lessons for Sri Lankan entrepreneurs from Elon Musk, now the world’s richest man

Sri Lankan entrepreneurs know about the world’s richest man.

Elon Musk needs no introductions to the world of entrepreneurship.

His business innovations are legendary. His acute if not eccentric view of business and its application to everyday products that he has transformed, has rewritten business history.

So what lessons can this man who has transformed many of what we had taken for granted, into new and unique products, teach us Sri Lankan entreprenuers?

As more and more Sri Lankans choose, especially in the COVID-19 new normal to enter entrepreneurship, we need all the inspiration we can get, especially from innovators such as Musk.

Let’s look at 05 lessons from Musk himself.

Be passionate about what you do –

Elon Musk dreamt of a car that needed on fuel at a time when the auto industry found it to be laughable.

But Musk never gave up – and today, as Tesla is on its path to becoming the world’s most innovative and desired car, what was once a dream has become a reality.

Musk dreamt about his Space X project – today, many of his dreams are becoming true because of one singular drive – the passion he shows in doing what he does.

He truly believes in the potential of what he does.

Do you?

Sri Lankan entrepreneurs need to be innovative –

Musk never did anything that was mundane or predicable.

For him, innovation was the force behind everything he did.

From PayPal back in the day when such an application was not what everyone thought was needed, to his forays into bigger and better things, Musk believed in driving innovation in everything he did.

It formed the bedrock of his business strategy.

Engaging on social media –

Elon Musk is always out there in one way or another, engaging with his social media fans.

He understands – has always understood, the importance of building conversations with a global community who can give him feedback that is valuable and useful.

Today, the world is one big place of interconnection through social media platforms that drive brands and personalities.

You should be able to make use of it to build your brand and garner your following.

Acknowledge your mistakes and move on –

Musk has been through several mistakes – even Tesla at the beginning was not what was originally envisioned.

But Musk learnt from mistakes and moved on to create a bigger, better product.

That’s how we should face mistakes.

Learn from them and move on to rectify them towards building better businesses.

Exceed expectations –

Musk is noted for his eccentric genius – that’s one of the reasons why he is who he is.

Today, as he basks in the glory of being the word’s richest man, Musk is losing no time in moving on to the next big thing – conquering space.

His SpaceX project is expected to herald in a new way of looking at space.

Just like how his foray into the auto industry changed the way we think and perceive – and drive cars.

What are the lessons for entrepreneurs all over the world from this man?

Plenty actually. For us Sri Lankan entrepreneurs.

Elon Musk is a legend – he has changed the way the world looks at products and services.

Single handedly.

Change comes when we think outside the box, when we challenge the norms of existing rules.

Sri Lankan entrepreneurs must know that – many have been successful in this manner.

For men and women like Elon Musk, the true victories lie in going over and beyond the conventional.

In viewing the mundane with new possibilities. In extending concepts to previously considered impossible scenarios.

For that is when you truly begin to build a business that history will be proud of.

There could be many Elon Musks among us.

Are you one?

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