Think like an entrepreneur is the only way to survive, here’s why?

Over the years, people have pursued the acquisition of all kinds of skills towards success.

It is still a commendable and a relevant thing to do ; each profession has its merits and obtaining skills sets needed to specialize in that profession is still very much relevant.

Yet, the challenge often lies in the mindset we develop; starting from our years at school, shaped by our experiences and exposures, to higher education and eventually, employment.

What indeed is our mindset? Is it to believe that the system owes us everything? Or that somehow, we too must live off the system or at best, become a clog in an existing system so that we can go on doing what we have trained ourselves to do, until someday, we reach the top if possible and retire?

Or is it to believe that we can achieve success if we work at it, develop our own approach, fine tune it, make it work efficiently in a manner that it actually improves the system – bring in innovation and change where needed? Take charge of the decisions we make towards better performance and engagement? 

In other words, do we think like an entrepreneur?

Leave aside for a moment the business angle – too many people assume running a business to be a thing that maybe tainted with ambition and monetary gain.

Nothing wrong with either of course but that’s just how some people will always think.

It is antiquated yes and the good thing is that opinions are fast changing – many young people connect instantly with the tremendous benefits of entrepreneurship and they do see many around them achieving the kind of success that often can be emulated – with hard work, efficiency and doing things differently.

Yet when you take the business element out, the spirit of entrepreneurship and its parameters make fabulous sense to any other career.

Entrepreneurs are always on the look out for doing things better, more efficiently.

Change is the name of the game – for the better of course.

Change systems, make them more efficient, cost effective or simpler.

Provide solutions to problems that will otherwise impede and hamper everyday functions and lives.

These form the core values of entrepreneurship that often drive new and improved opportunities

There’s also the undeniably powerful element of innovation.

Innovation and new ways of doing things drive entrepreneurship like never before.

In a world that is constantly changing as a result of technology, innovation is power.

It opens up a whole new world of thinking beyond the box.

Some have a tough time capturing the power of innovation – others understand and connect at once.

The world has indeed been changed by those who thought differently, carrying their vision into a tangible business idea that formed the very basis of change.

From Mark Zuckerberg to Jack Ma, there are thousands of entrepreneurs whose singularly powerful ideas changed the world, the way we work and engage in leisurely pursuits.

So what more can we then learn from being entrepreneurs even though technically, some may not pursue the option in a business sense? 

We can unlearn what we have learnt traditionally – a key step towards success in our journey towards being entrepreneurial and therefore, understanding that no one owes us anything – not least the government, the system or our family.

We have an obligation and a responsibility towards them to be accountable, useful and relevant.

The onus is on us to be the kind of game changers who can hopefully be and inspire a whole new generation to think differently and act differently.

We can teach our children to look for opportunities instead for holes.

Opportunities enable us to give something back, do something differently so that somewhere, in some way, we can contribute to a better way of doing things.

Looking for opportunities empower us to look beyond the shortcomings and actually find solutions instead of lamenting over problems.

Problems will always be there but solutions are what is needed.

We can comprehend that one individual can indeed change the world.

The founder of Facebook did – with one idea that today, has shaped history and changed the course of many activities, some too small and other big yet all significant enough in the way it empowers one individual to get his or her opinion heard loud and clear.

Never before has there been such an instrument with which, for better or for worse, you could share your status of mind with the world. 

Entrepreneurship teaches us that no matter what things will go wrong, we have the capability and the capacity to rise higher and do things differently.

It teaches us to be disciplined, hard working and efficient. 

The world will always need plenty of it.

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