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9 Innovative ideas for early stage entrepreneurs

 “If you don’t build your dream, someone else will hire you to build theirs.” –  Tony Gaskins

Everybody has dreams but only a few are able to actually live in them, even as an entrepreneur starting up a business is not always easy or going to be fun, you will have to put in a lot of work hours to grow it, but at least at the end of the day it’s still your business.

Here are some ideas you can try out.

Keep an idea journal

Anyone who said ideas aren’t worth anything never had a good idea. Don’t listen to that crap. Everything you get a brilliant idea, write it down in your journal, as you can never know this might actually be your biggest breakthrough ever. 

Take risks

Just like the first, even if you have brilliant ideas stored up but if you aren’t willing to execute them, what’s the point of it? 

One of the most exciting parts of being an entrepreneur is the thrill and exhilaration you get from seeing if something works.

Market your Product

Make the customer realize the value of your product and there’s non-like it anywhere else, build it in a way that people won’t forget it. 

A great example of this is Lamborghini or Ferrari, they believe that the people that can afford are not sitting home watching TV. 

Build a Network

Creating a sound network is the key to success as your still in the growing process you can learn a lot from the people around you, such as mentors who can help tap into your greater potentials, peer groups as they can help you grow and you can learn from them new things. 

Be open to advice

Listening to the right advice can become a valuable benefit for your business. 

 Hard work and Patience

All things come to those who wait…This doesn’t mean that you just sit and wait but that you have to be patient in what your building and at the same time give your 100% attention towards it.

You trying to build an empire, not make peanut butter sandwiches.


Sometimes we get so immersed in with our business that it becomes almost our life when it shouldn’t, we should also learn to disconnect it’s easy to sit and work the whole day and night but it’s not healthy at all for us, our brains need to rest, from it we are giving necessary reset it needs to help it to work acutely in our day to day activities. As Entrepreneurs, we need to also know when to take a break.

Learn everyday

Every day is a lesson if will live it well and so is building a business as an entrepreneur, we are constantly trying to solve problems, we need to read more and research, what we know is only limited to how eager we are to learn.

Stay healthy

I know this isn’t about your business, but this about you and if you can’t stay fit what’s the point of getting rich? In the end, if you can’t enjoy what you have built, your health is the most asset you have, just being success full won’t matter if you’re in bed and sick all the time.

Every day is a struggle and a learning, as an entrepreneur who’s just starting up trying new things is a gift, why don’t you try some of this idea and see whether they work for you.


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