Are you an eco entrepreneur? Find out
Eco entrepreneur

Are you an eco entrepreneur? Find out

Eco entrepreneurs are in much demand across the world.

Eco entrepreneurship is very much a thing of the present.

With rainforests under danger, the environment being subject to all kinds of abuse including deforestation and expanding communities etc.

Which signals many opportunities for those considering entrepreneurship related to eco friendly ventures.

But just how do you become an entrepreneur with a business in eco related issues?

It is all about developing sustainable entrepreneurship ventures.

So what would such ventures be?

Eco entrepreneurs are not merely driven by the PR –

 entrepreneurship is serious business.

You don’t just get into it for the fluff and the PR drive.

Rather, an eco business is one that has the potential to give something back to the environment.

It takes a lot more than business sense alone. It takes courage, innovation and a passion to be committed to a goal of sustainability and environment friendly endeavors.

Eco entrepreneurship ventures are easily accessible –

Are you concerned about the environment as an individual?

Then you have multiple opportunities to start a business that will mitigate some of the concerns while creating sustainable value and a business proposition based on eco values.

Businesses in sectors such as recycling products, reducing waste, encouraging use of glass in place of plastics, plastics and other non-sustainable material management are key areas that can drive a business model in the environment related industries.

An understanding of the environment is vital for you to be able to start off a venture – not to mention a commitment that goes beyond a mere business proposition.

Don’t choose the most widely shared eco ventures – which are saturated –

Everybody’s favorite eco venture seems to be eco tourism or food related.

When that happens, those industries maybe crowded and competitive.

There are many other avenues unchosen by the majority -they are there and they can be turned into thriving ventures.

Eco ventures can be found in almost every sphere of work.

Identify an eco cause that you can work on or contribute towards –

Often, an eco business is driven by an eco cause – you have experience in an industry that needs sustainable products or inputs.

For an example, if you have been in or have insights into an industry which utilizes packaging, maybe you can start a venture that encourages sustainable packaging as opposed to plastic.

Once you are clear of the area, focus on what can be done to turn it into a business.

Make it a workable business proposition –

No matter how noble or good a venture can be, you must be able to turn it into a profitable venture.

So do your home work on building a business out of a cause – and don’t just think that feeling good about something will become a successful initiative on its own.

You have to work towards making it a business that will yield a return.

At the end of the day, building a business out of an idea close to your heart is always  tough and challenging.

But then, when you turn it around into a thriving business, it is something that will give you a lot of satisfaction because a sustainable business is not just good for you but is also a venture that will contribute towards the environment.

Being socially conscious in doing business is always a good thing. But we need to be able to pick the right combination, the right business idea, the right set of tools to power it with.

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