Entrepreneur, do you have a COVID-19 exit strategy?

Entrepreneur, do you have a COVID-19 exit strategy?

Sooner or later, every entrepreneur knows that they will have to pick up the pieces and move on – once Corona will be over.

Many businesses will be facing their moment of truth then.

As we go back to our offices – provided we still can – what will be staring at us in the face is what our strategy to get out of the mess we are currently in.

We like to call it the COVID-19 Exit strategy.

The question, is do you have one?

You need to have one if you think you can get out of this – with your business ready to survive.

Maybe you think your business will not survive this storm – in which case, you need to be able to enter the next phase.

See, the thing is either way, your business will need to have a exit strategy worked out, one COVID-19 passes us by.

What will be that strategy?

If you haven’t gone there yet, time you should.

And all the more reason why you should check these out.

Be realistic –

There’s no point in trying to deal with what could have been – you need to come to terms with reality.

If the lockdown has impacted your business in more ways that you could begin to count, then you need. change in direction.

Maybe you need to re-model and re-strategize your business.

You have to cut through the maze and see for yourself where reality stands – and then work your way up from there.

Give yourself the realistic picture of what is possible and what is not possible – it is always safe to go along with a cut and dry strategy.

Be positive –

The world has been through pandemics before – and risen out of the ashes.

There’s always hope, provided you want to look in the right direction.

Your business may or ay not survive this madness. But life will go on and so should you.

When everything returns to normalcy – if and when it does – it will be a time indeed to be positive.

We are all tested in life and this too is one of those times of testing that will pass.

Be objective –

What were you trying to achieve with your business? Were you in it for the profit, the income or the impact you wanted to make?

Or was it because you liked doing what you did?

People start businesses for a variety of reasons – when things go wrong as they have now, it is usually a good time to be objective and evaluate where and how you want to proceed with your business.

Whatever your original vision was , it is time to re-visit and re-evaluate where you are going.

Be cautious –

Whatever it is that you have been hoping will happen, be cautious as you set out – above all, you need to keep your health in check.

Don’t venture out too much into the open as things return to normalcy – be mindful of the protocol measures such as keeping your social distance and wearing a mask.

Keep in mind that businesses can survive – but we must be able to keep our health in check and be mindful of the environment around us.

It is best to go back to building or taking stock of your business at a slower pace than before.

We need to keep in mind that businesses have survived strong before – what it takes is courage, determination and a strong will to succeed in order to bounce back.

Plus being able to work out your strategy while you are in lockdown.

Put your thinking cap on – and get ready to think not about the storm but beyond the storm.






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