Entrepreneurs -here’s how you get ready for exports..

Entrepreneurs -here’s how you get ready for exports..

Never before has the call to focus on exporters been stronger than during the current crisis.

With the entire world on lock down mode, there is a considerable interest in hygiene and good health related areas.

Which could be an opportunity for exporters – and entrepreneurs who are able to innovate.

Two key areas that have been identified are the export of tea and rubber.

Both sectors are key economic players in Sri Lanka and generate considerable export revenue.

As the demand for gloves and related products increase across markers, so does the demand for tea, long recognized for its antioxidant properties.

So what are the opportunities for exporters here?

Opportunity to enter exports –

Maybe you are already an entrepreneur with interests in rubber tea or related export crops. Perhaps you have never thought of entering exports – well, now is the time.

In fact, choosing to engage in exports is the best option for you as an entrepreneur – and also for the country since as an exporter, you would be earning foreign currency.

But entering exports is not easy – it calls for standards to be maintained, globally accepted guidelines to be followed and other criteria which you will need to adhere to.

But the most important thing is to identify that the opportunity exists.

If the demand for tea has grown globally, or the demand for rubber, then how can you as an entrepreneur, turn this into an opportunity to commence to enter exports?

Adding value to your products –

Value addition is something that enhances opportunities for export.

If it is tea, value addition could be various kinds of tea – value addition adds something extra to the core product you are making, thereby enabling you to get a better market for a better product.

Value addition enables you to source new markets and obtain better value for your products.

If you are an existing entrepreneur with a business that focuses on a specific product, you could always focus on enhancing the product and its promise.

Value addition is a logical step for you if you are focusing your next area of growth.

Standardization of products –

If you are looking at global markets, the  standardization as we have mentioned earlier, is vital.

You don’t need to be in exports in fact, to enhance the quality delivery of your product.

A key factor in this is the standardization of your product. You could start with the basics, work on improving them and obtaining quality assurances and standards certification.

Meeting global standards is vital in today’s competitive environment, whether you are exporting or meeting local market’ needs.

Export-Ready status of your business –

Is your business ready for exports?

Have you registered with the relevant organizations?

You can register with the National Chamber of Exporters of Sri Lanka, which is the apex body for exporters in Sri Lanka.

They are able to offer you a range of services that would fine tune and prepare your business and its export readyness.

Marketing on line –

Exporters benefit from marketing on line – the world is your oyster on line.

In today’s tech driven world, it is easy for you to establish a business on line and connect to payment gateways – you can market your products on social media and on line with results.


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