Enterprising entrepreneurs helping doctors fight Corona Virus in Italy..

Enterprising entrepreneurs helping doctors fight Corona Virus in Italy..

Entrepreneurs can change lives.

Cristian Fracassi and Alessandro Romaioli are two young entrepreneurs whose innovative and fast thinking is saving lives at over-crowded and overwhelmed hospitals in Italy.

The two young engineers of Issinova, were inspired to do something innovative for the doctors struggling with inadequate valves for the lifesaving ventilator machines at the hospitals.

When they heard that doctors needed valves to be used in the ventilator machines that were helping Corona virus patients breathe, they wanted to help.

In an interview with New York Times, the two young engineers told of how their small city was in lockdown but how they put their heads together to look at ways of producing the much needed valves.

Their five year old company was making silicone bandages, earthquake sensors and bicycles when the crisis hit.

They had never made valves before but seeing how much they were needed at the hospital, they decided to give it a try.

They started making valves on their small 3D printer and before long, they had a sample that worked. Valves may look simple, said Cristian but are in reality a lot more complex to be put together.


The young engineers had successfully created the first set of valves – hospitals however wanted more. They are now making moe to be shared with those in need.

Inspired and encouraged by their breakthrough, they are offering their services to other hospitals that might need their valves – a catch though was that they were only producing for one type of ventilator.

Never to give up, they came back with yet another innovative idea which was to modify an existing snorkeling mask to create a ventilation assisted mask that can be used in hospitals.

There are lessons we can learn from their entrepreneurial journey.

Innovation always helps entrepreneurs – especially during tough times –

Instead of giving up or giving into despair as we tend to usually to during tough times, these two enterprising young men chose to use innovation to give something back. They sat down and looked at ways how a new way of thinking can solve an existing problem.

We too can make use of innovation to extend existing services or do something completely new and empower someone’s life somewhere.

Businesses exist to help others – we need to keep that in mind-

Their company didn’t make valves needed for ventilators but they understood that a business exists to help others – especially during times of despair.

They didn’t sit back and think hey, we make earthquake sensors and we do not make valves but they clearly had an idea about how businesses are always about reaching out to others. They rose over and above to the occasion and delivered.

They stayed true to their initial calling – being engineers –

The two young entrepreneurs admirably stuck to their initial calling and training – to be able to engineer whatever that was needed to be created.

Their trained minds were able to identify a problem that needs addressing – and solve it. It is vital for us to be able to stuck to our original calling as entrepreneurs – we can always improvise but it is what got us inspired is our true calling.

Flexibility in problem solving is key for entrepreneurs –

They were flexible enough to understand that while their business could wait, along with hundreds of thousands of other businesses all over the world, the problem that needed to be solved right now, couldn’t.

Their business was different yes but this was a need that called for a change in thinking and hence flexibility.

They generated social impact –

Social impact is vital for businesses today – we need to be more socially conscious of everything we do in business.

These two young men understood their social calling and were able to rise to the occasion admirably – even though it was not their core business.



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