What do you know about social entrepreneurship?

What do you know about social entrepreneurship?

Social entrepreneurship sounds like a nice word.

But what do we know about it and why should we?

Social entrepreneurship is not just a power packed buzz word but it is also one that is very popular and relevant in today’s start up culture.

Put simply, it is all about engaging in entrepreneurship in a manner that offers social benefits for the greater good of the community at large.

Social entrepreneurship is a popular choice because it offers multiple benefits to the society at large.

So how would you know if social entrepreneurship is your calling?

Check out these tips to truly understand what a powerful factor social entrepreneurship is – and how you too could engage in it if it is indeed your passion.

Social entrepreneurship addresses social issues faced by the community –

There are many issues faced by the community that can be solved through enterprising entrepreneurship initiatives. There have been many such issues undertaken by individuals committed to the cause.

From innovative solutions to sustainable practices of dealing with garbage to dealing with mental illness, there have been many solutions brought on by social entrepreneurship initiatives to bring solutions to problems experienced by the society at large.

Social entrepreneurship can rally people to a cause –

We as a society regularly face issues that can be taken up successfully as entrepreneurship initiatives. Areas such as the environment, pollution, sustainable material are very relevant topics that not only empower entrepreneurship but also drive community empowerment.

If your idea is one that benefits the community at large, then you can be assured that you will be able to get traction within the community itself, enabling more people to rally to the cause.

Social entrepreneurship isn’t always profit driven but aims at getting results –

The point in choosing social entrepreneurship is not always profit oriented – it is aimed at solving problems faced by the society at large and seeks to provide a much needed solution which in turn can be turned profitable for the greater good and participation of the people.

More importantly, it can invite engagement from participants and can give a voice or an opportunity to those within the community whose lives will be made better by the solution introduced. They in turn can bring in profitability or at least sustainability which can keep the project going.

Social entrepreneurship is growing –

All over the world, social entrepreneurship is expanding as more and more people seek to achieve solutions that can be run as businesses but are really aimed at bringing greater good for the community at large.

In a world that is concerned with climate change, the environment, sustainable practices and ensuring greater safety and sharing of resources and opportunities, social entrepreneurs are being hailed as heroes and role models for the business sense they bring in to solving common problems and issues.

Social entrepreneurship involves the community –

Social entrepreneurship doesn’t have to be one that is aligned with one individual – it can be supported by others, forming a gain of goodwill and success that can be passed on. Social entrepreneurship is all about giving back to the world at large – by introducing solutions to problems that impact everyone.

There are many areas today that people choose over self profitability and self promotion – as appealing as entrepreneurship on the whole is, the aspects involved in social entrepreneurship takes us to a whole new dimension of doing good for the community which involves everyone at the end of the say.

Social entrepreneurship enables us to do things for ourselves and for our world by innovating solutions that can have a lasting impact on all of us.


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