Could Ella Fires have been prevented?
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Could Ella Fires have been prevented?

On the heels of Amazon, came the devastating news of our own picturesque Ella burning. Ella fires have been raging on, destroying one of the most beautiful landscapes in our little island.

What happened? How did it start?

It could have been started by any one of us – digest that.

How many of us leave a footprint of possible disaster every time we visit such fragile environments where any small, insignificant action could bring on something greater, something destructive – in just a matter of minutes?

How many of us are conscious of this fact?

Ella Fires is nothing new.

We have seen forest fires before – maybe we haven’t learnt anything from it before.

Maybe it is time to learn what we can, now. Better late as they say than never.

So check out these few key but simple facts to remember next time you visit one of nature’s bountiful locations. Whether in our country or elsewhere.

More so for those of us who take pride in what we do for a living – entrepreneurship.

Be conscious of what you leave behind –

It could be a small thing. Something you would not think twice about tossing out absentmindedly. But if the elements are right and lined up together,  even the most insignificant thing can become a recipe for disaster. So be conscious of everything you throw away – ideally, do not throw it away.

Dispose of all waste appropriately –

You know the drill.

Ella Fires could have been prevented just like all fires everywhere.

Dispose of all waste in an appropriate manner. That way, you can be sure you will not add something hazardous to a fragile environment. If paper it hat you are throwing away, choose a bin suited for the purpose. Be conscious of things that can set off a fire ; and be mindful enough to throw them away in the correct way.

Be vigilant when traveling –

Some of the world’s greatest disasters have been started by seemingly innocent acts. Someone else may not be as vigilant as you are – so you need to be.

Watch out for those who are careless and sometimes, deliberately disruptive enough to cause damage to the environment. You can do something about them if you know what is going to happen, so be watchful and on your guard.

Remember that a small act can go a long way –

What you may absent mindedly throw out of your car window or throw out of your bag, can be the first piece of a recipe for disaster. Keep all waste consciously and do not throw away anything, no matter how tempting it might be when no one is watching.

Do the right things especially when no one is watching –

You have heard the saying – now put it into action.

Do the right thing when no one can see you – however deserted or empty of people a place you are visiting might seem like, never throw anything. Keep it all with you – food wrappers, tissues, bottles – and bring it back to be disposed of appropriately. Do the right thing under all circumstances ; let it be habit forming and inspire others.

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