Lessons for entrepreneurship from the Moon Landing 50 years ago…

Lessons for entrepreneurship from the Moon Landing 50 years ago…

Entrepreneurship is all about learning lessons everyday

Sometimes such lessons are found in everyday situations. Sometimes they are found in life changing events that are historically significant to mankind.

The Moon Landing is definitely one such historically significant event that change forever the course of space travel for man. It also expanded our horizons to think and dream beyond our own planet.

But more significantly, there are lessons for those of us for whom entrepreneurship is more than a vocation ; it is a passion that can drive innovation and a greater sense of accomplishment across the board.

The Moon Landing took place during the Sixties ; a world away from the tech empowerment of today. Yet , the space achievement was a giant step forward as Neil Armstrong so poignantly said in his historic words during the Landing.

The lessons in entrepreneurship are indeed powerful ones. Let’s look at a few that would not only enable us to go one step further ; but more importantly, are relevant today as they were 50 years ago, when a man landed on the moon.

A clear vision –

The men who drove the Moon Landing had a clear vision they were committed to ; from the astronauts who trained to the NASA scientists. They had a common goal that was their mission – they never wavered never mind the set backs, They worked towards it and they had each other’s backs.

Entrepreneurship is pretty much driven by a singular vision. Without a vision, an entrepreneur will perish. It is that powerful vision that will drive goal setting, accomplishment and that tenacious ability to get through the rough terrain.

Team work that pulled together –

Entrepreneurs need support. You cannot hog it alone. You need a support structure, whether it is your family, your colleagues or your team. It is virtually impossible to drive entrepreneurship single handedly. Build and train your team and they will share the load with you. The Moon Landing was not just the astronauts – there was an entire team pulling in one direction. Without that collective effort, it would not have been possible.

It was never about one individual ; but about the work of every man and woman associated with the project that made it possible to get a man on the moon.

Take calculated risks –

Taking risks goes hand in hand with entrepreneurship ; starting on your own in itself a risk worth taking. Neil Armstrong landed the Lunar Module with just 16 seconds of fuel remaining. He knew the machine and knew where he was going. He had to take decisions that may have been risky but they had to be taken in the right spirit. He had to make a difficult decision but he was in the driving seat and that call was his to make.

Entrepreneurs are often called upon to take decisions that could make or break their enterprise. You must know your terrain and your product as well as Armstrong did his.

Treat mistakes as lessons worth learning –

The tragic outcome of Apollo I paved the way for the success of Apollo II. NASA learnt many lessons in the catastrophe but out of the learning, came a better, a bigger Apollo II. Entrepreneurs must always be able to acknowledge mistakes and move on – always treating failures as lessons that hold the biggest learning curves.

Keep on adding ideas –

The huge crawler that took the Saturn V from assembly to the launch pad was the creation of a team member who was inspired by the strip mining process. Often, ideas and innovations drive business success ; many of it has come from being inspired by lesser, every day things.

The secret is in allowing ourselves to keep on adding to ideas – continue to feed your innovative strategizing process. It will produce incredible results.

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