Celebrity Endorsements vs Digital Content / Social Media / Vloggers/ Bloggers
Digital content

Celebrity Endorsements vs Digital Content / Social Media / Vloggers/ Bloggers

In the Google-driven world of today, consumers seek

  • Instant knowledge
  • Hands-on production/ brands/ service expertise
  • Real-time expertise
  • Identifiable opinion leader
  • Empowering engagement

New Business Model

Digital content is powerful and drives the New business model of the digital age.

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Consumer Interests

Celebrities vs influencers/ bloggers/ vloggers

  • People prefer individual one to one engagement over distant celebrities
  • Social media drives personalized appeal of brand mentions and brand placements by influencers/ bloggers are opposed to endorsements by celebrities whom the consumers know are paid to do that.
  • Social media can also be a platform for a negativity celebrity endorsement.

(eg: backlash against a well know Sri Lankan cricketer for promoting a cross-section brand he Is not an expert of.)

  • Influencers and bloggers are everyday people the consumers

can identify with. *

*Academics B. Rajeshkanna & Dr.M.Inbalakshmi Lecturer, Dindigul Co-op Institute of

Management, Dindigul M.Com., M.B.A., PGDCA., M.Phil., Ph.D., Associate Professor, G.T.N.Arts

College Dindigul – Paper titled Celebrity Endorsements and Endorsements in the age of Social

Media – November 2016

Is influencer marketing better than celebrity endorsements?

1 Level of product/brand/service specific expertise –

Celebrities are known at a macro level – they are not experts in the products/brand/service they are promoting. Reality-driven world of today seeks actual experts who have tasted/experienced what is being promoted.

2 Consistent Engagement –

A celebrity is a one-way communication – consumers want a two-way engagement. They can engage with an influencer or a blogger on social media and enhance their experience of using the product or service being promoted

3 Personalized content creation –

Consumers want content that is personal, a direct result of an individual’s usage/experience of what is being promoted. With a celebrity, the content is created by his or her agents and may not relate well to consumers in a personal fashion.

4 Reach –

Social media platforms have put every influencer/blogger/vlogger within the reach of the average consumer. Eg: anyone can respond to anyone else’s Twitter handle.

Less cost per engagement –

It costs less to engage with influencers and bloggers and create digital content than pay celebrities for endorsements.

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Measurable Results –

Influencer/blogger engagement can actually be mapped and measured as opposed to celebrity endorsements.

In conclusion, as discussed by Academics B. Rajeshkanna & Dr.M. Inbalakshmi in their research paper titled Celebrity Endorsements and Endorsements in the age of Social Media – November 2016, they conclude that the age of celebrity endorsement is over – and has been replaced by influencer and blogger sponsorships.

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