From being frustrated at work, this lady became an entrepreneur to showcase her talent…

From being frustrated at work, this lady became an entrepreneur to showcase her talent…

Yuki He is no ordinary female entrepreneur.

While going about her entrepreneurial journey, Yuki realized that she had to make many choices that were not always enjoyable.

She followed a career in tech, having graduated in technology and went on to work at Tencent, an internet company. She next went on to grow Cheetah Mobile into a successful company.

Technology was a part of her life as an entrepreneur; but she needed more. There was work place frustration that was not too encouraging for her.

Where do you go when you feel frustrated at work?

Start a new venture in entrepreneurship of course.

Yuki found that the tech industry culture aggravated her in many ways than one. She needed to do something else – something closer to her heart.

Yes there’s opportunity in causes close to your heart, entrepreneurs.

She was passionate about singing but it became a mere hobby as she focused on her tech career throughout her formative years.

And then she had her light bulb moment – what if there was a platform that could be used to showcase singing skills and other talents, in front of a global audience?

Enthusiastic about her initiative, she launched LiveMe.

Today,  LiveMe is a popular Chinese live broadcasting app that lets anyone start broadcasting live. With services such as virtual gifting, and beam-in video, the app that commenced operations in 2016, is growing incredibly. The app is a platform for anyone who wants to share their talent in singing, dancing or comedy or anything else as long as it spreads positivity.

Yuki has no regrets and believes that her app has changed lives – for the better. She says that it has helped many – in overcoming challenges in life. She calls it a fulfilling task and is happy to see a community forming around the app.

In China, LiveMe is going great guns but Yuki is keen to see it take off in the western world as well.

Given the fact that entertainment platforms such as YouTube is increasingly pursuing monetization options and advertising, she believes that there is an opportunity for genuine creators of content to share their work on line.

Although live streaming is a crowded platform, LiveMe has got the mix right, says Yuki.  LiveMe encourages independent creators to become successful financially as well as nurture their creative talent. They are financially rewarded for the quality of content they share with their fans. It is not based on views alone.

LiveMe is also different in that it provides resources, talent managers and much more through its broadcaster development initiative which empowers content sharers with many options. Yuki is also keen on ensuring that the platform stays safe ; its Safety Advocate Initiative is managed by human moderators and AI software 24/7, which makes it a safe option for those sharing content and watching the content shared.

For the talented artistes who are always pursuing new platforms to share their content, undoubtedly LiveMe is a fantastic opportunity. 

For Yuki, it is a great entrepreneurial journey that is not just giving back to her but also to an entire community.

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