Why you should use Instagram as a marketing platform for small business…

Why you should use Instagram as a marketing platform for small business…

The world loves social media.

But how do we leverage on the world’s most prolific and widely shared platforms on social media so that we can build our business?

On the whole, Instagram seems a simple enough photo sharing site. But go deeper and you will see why it is an ideal platform for those who can use their product or service to tell a powerful story of branding to the world.

Global icons such as Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian have built tremendously successful businesses around the power of Instagram ; sharing content that is instantly devoured by millions of fans around the world.

So really, how can Instagram work for your business?

Visually powerful –

Think about the content that you are sharing. Is it visually powerful? Do you have a product that can be prepped beautifully? For an example, if what you are marketing is bed linen, take images of a beautifully made up bed, looking all cosy. Take many images before you settle on one. Make sure that every image you use on Instagram tells a great story.

Consistent –

Build a story line – keep sharing content on a regular basis. Let the story about your brand be told everyday, in various stages. Set the stage for the unveilings, additions and other extensions – let the visuals tell an unbroken story of your product so that you are building on your brand’s activities, sharing the stages of growth with the world.

Plan what you are going to share –

Plan the showcasing of your business. How will you share what and when? Don’t just start sharing randomly; plan what you are going to share, sit down and jot some ideas down. You can use either Instagram stories which are only on for 24 hours or the feed which is permanent. What you can share on stories is more spontaneous, more unedited kind of footage while the feed is for posts that will stay on your profile. Be sure of what you want to share when.

Stay connected with your audience –

Respond to your audience – connect with them. Appreciate the feed back and let them know you are connected. Frequent engagement with your audience is vital ; be sure to respond to every comment. Keep talking and engaging – this is how you build an audience and customers on social media.

Remember how hashtags work –

Hashtags are powerful content sharing segments of your entire social media journey. Remember to use the correct hashtags ; search them out and make sure you share relevant hashtags. Use as many hash tags as possible ; keep discovering new ones that will help you share your stories with the world.

Remember that as an entrepreneur, you have the opportunity to showcase your brand on the world’s most powerful social media platform, Instagram. Do it right and you will discover new business ; do it right and you will see why social media such as Insagram ha changed the way the world does business.

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