Tough economic times? Here’s what you should do..
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Tough economic times? Here’s what you should do..

No one ever said the entrepreneurial journey is going to be easy.

When you start on the road of entrepreneurship, you are in it for keeps.

That is if you have been bitten by the entrepreneur bug. Nothing else will ever be good enough. As long as good times last, things work out fine.

But as always, trouble is when you face economic downturns, unexpected upheavals and unplanned disasters.

That’s when it takes all of your entrepreneurial efforts and talents to stay afloat.

It starts mostly with your mindset. What is your mindset when it comes to surviving tough times?

Are you able to assure yourself that you have the mindset that tells you to go beyond what you think you can go? If you don’t have it can you work towards developing such a mindset?

It can be done. We have plenty of stories of those who were there before. Who invested their last available resources in what they thought was their last venture ; which then went on to become a roaring success.

Once you have changed your mindset, it becomes a case of consistency. Can you be at it, even if it does not yield the results you expected it to – within the time frame you had in mind?

Those of us who are entrepreneurs know that nothing is what it seems to be.

Every business has its own setting – nothing is by default. You learn the ropes by going along, watching it grow, tinkering here and there, fine tuning and learning to understand what makes it tick. That’s how life is – that’s how a business works.

As an entrepreneur, you never really stop learning. It’s a process that you continue to experience – keep learning everyday. You learn that markets change, consumers change and needs change. And you begin to understand that we too must change and re-invent our business processes if we have to.

We also learn that eventually, everything passes. So this too shall pass; every economic downturn eventually settles down into a pattern that can only go forward. That’s life. Nothing lasts – everything is in constant motion. Since we cannot go backwards, we can only go forward.

Never lose hope – an entrepreneur’s only weapon that can be wielded during goof and bad times. Encouragement is something that we need to feed ourselves with ; read up on those who never lost hope even under the worst circumstances imaginable. They always were able to find just enough courage to go on, just enough inspiration to keep the doors open.

The best lessons in business are also the best lessons in life.

Learn what you can as you go on your journey. Tough times maybe hard on your cash flow but good for your soul. Keep at it – keep hoping, never stop dreaming. There’s always a rainbow at the end of the tunnel.

Why think like that, you may ask – but the answer always is that is how we find reason enough to go on. A flicker of hope keeps us going ; human spirit is never about going down with the flow. It is ll about swimming against the tide and winning.

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