When love of Coffee leads you to Entrepreneurship.

When love of Coffee leads you to Entrepreneurship.

Entrepreneurs will always try to seek new opportunities – entrepreneurship is based on innovation and new ideas. Coffee is one such area of business; with so much focus on a beverage seen as trendy and relevant, entrepreneurial opportunities in coffee are said to be enormous.

And not just in opening coffee shops.

You can’t buy happiness but you can buy coffee.

Coffee has been with us since the 13th Century and used for a variety of reasons, from mixing into animal fats to making snack bars. Nowadays we mostly use it as our morning beverage of choice.

Now Coffee has become one of the most valuable legally traded commodity in the world, second only to Oil.

Coffee has become a big business around the world and as an Entrepreneur, it’s a great opportunity to dig your hands into it.

Why has coffee become so big?

When you get up early in the morning, you need your coffee. Some of us need it at mid day and several times throughout the day.

In the USA, over 50% of the population drink coffee ; we can see that coffee has become a number consumer choice not just there but all over the world.

A huge demand has resulted in coffee getting a boost – business is doing great ; in 2017, independent coffee shops had an equal of $12 billion in annual sales.

So a coffee shop is still a good idea – so is creating artisan coffee that caters to a specified palette. In countries like Indonesia, coffee remains a huge industry with potential and opportunity for growth.

We can’t simply sell coffee, we need to get innovation and creativity into play if the spirit of entrepreneurship is to prevail.

People tend to like something new and they are usually attracted to newer, unique flavours and fragrances.

Some of the more innovative ideas for coffee start ups –

  • Refrigerated ready-to-drink coffee –

This is a great way to bring coffee to those who need their daily boost. This can be so much more than your average iced coffee – curated, selected coffee has great potential to succeed as a ready-to-drink beverage you can buy off a store.

  • Lactose-free Coffee

Another great idea for building a wider range of customers is learning about the wants and needs of the customer, offering them healthier products will ensure that your business will move steadily. Which is why lactose free coffee makes sense for those who are concerned about their dairy intake.

  • Curated Coffee –

Specialty coffees are always in demand. They also have the potential to become a great business venture. Flavoured coffees or coffee combinations can be great options to try. They can be used in innovative combinations or used as a base for other products. There’s nothing to stop you from trying to achieve your niche in developing curated coffee flavours

  • Choose your own Coffee –

With so much of focus on individual tastes and choices, there’s always opportunity for customers to choose their own flavours. It would be a good entrepreneurial idea because it addresses the need to develop your own choice of coffee combinations.

So now that you know something about the potential of coffee for entrepreneurial ventures,  why don’t you give it a try?

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