What every entrepreneur needs to know about digital marketing.. 5 facts to ponder…
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What every entrepreneur needs to know about digital marketing.. 5 facts to ponder…

Digital marketing is exciting for the entrepreneur of today. With online tools, you too can make a tremendous impact with your business online.


Because digital marketing gives you as the entrepreneur the opportunity to engage with your audience of choice –stay connected in real time. Digital tools also empower you to use real time data and transform your service levels based on the feedback you get from your consumers.

Through social media, blog posts, text messaging, video content and other digital communication methods, entrepreneurs today can keep their target audiences informed of new products and services, new extension of products etc.

So what should you be looking at when it comes to digital marketing trends?

Generating evergreen content –

This kind of content never goes out of fashion, simply put. It stays relevant even after trends have come and gone. Increasingly, consumers are expecting to see this kind of content online – the kind of content that truly enables them to share, comment or learn from –long after the fads have come and gone. Share this kind of helpful content your customers will be happy to share and grasp.

Go for voice marketing –

With voice assisted help such as Alexa and Siri becoming popular, it is expected that the voice recognition industry will be worth US $ 40 billion by 2020.  Voice searches can be brand friendly and can be built into a platform that encourages your customers to source solutions to some of the most obvious issues. It can overstep the boundaries of social media and enable customers to connect directly with your company or service for maximum impact.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) based tools –

With consumers becoming increasingly sophisticated, AI tools can come in handy to enable real time connections. AI tools are being used more than ever before in customer service; AI solutions can help you analyze customer data more efficiently, enabling you to provide better solutions for customer related issues.

Instagram Stories and Videos –

These are short but great ways to share your brand story or present scenes behind the launch – or introduce new services or flavours if you are running a food or drink based business.  It can also garner greater engagement and give something of news worthiness to your audience. Share them often and frequently enough to keep your audience enthralled.

Instagram also has IGTV, which allows users to display around 10 min of videos that can tell a great story. These are powerful tools you can use to reach your target audience instantly.

Many options for e commerce –

Paypal and other payment platforms have developed many tools such as pay later option that fuels greater interest in the growth of e commerce. Set yourself up for e commerce using several options that do not require a huge bank balance. Almost any entrepreneur can set up e commerce facilities online, enabling greater consumer engagement. It can also boost your sales.

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