Business lessons from Mark Zuckerberg for would-be entreprenuers..5 tips

Business lessons from Mark Zuckerberg for would-be entreprenuers..5 tips

Separating friendship and business –

Rumour has it that Mark Zuckerberg realized early on that the journey forward did not include partners who did not or could not add value to Facebook’s road ahead. The goals of the business had changed with progress. By not placing friendship loyalties above the wellbeing of the business enabled Zuckerberg to catapult to the top. Not a very good thing one might say but some founders cannot deal with the change that comes with time as the business grows.

Starting small but thinking big –

Facebook started very small – as a social outreach platform for college students. When it grew, Zuckerberg was ready to accommodate the growth. Facebook is a great example of how the transformation was embraced by him and his team who were by then ready for it.

Facebook didn’t grow into the behemoth it is today overnight. It took many years along with plenty of experimenting with different formulas to get to where they are today.

Staying as the face of the brand –

Zuckerberg will always be the geek who started Facebook – a sort of like Steve Jobs as the face of Apple. Aside from being the Founder, Zuckerberg has cultivated a persona that is closely linked if not entwined with Facebook in a way that connects the brand to his profile. This is a good way to add value to the brand with a personal touch. Your brand is your identity also. Marketing both together is a brilliant strategy – unbeatable indeed.

Singular focus –

Early on, Zuckerberg realized the value of optimizing the best you can deliver. One thing and one thing only that Facebook did best – helping you to stay connected to the community that consisted of your friends, interests etc. One concept must drive your business – you cannot be everything to everybody. A general cockpit doesn’t get your business success; you need to have a singular goal.

Stay fluid and move fast –

Zuckerberg knows the power of staying on top of things – innovation and tech edge drive business towards greater success. Zuckerberg understood the importance of staying fluid and in touch with new and innovative technology. Facebook has evolved over the years into a platform that reflects changing needs and customer preferences. It is no longer the limited networking app it was many moons ago. It has majored in on unique differences and developed its own algorithms that help it fine-tune the mix presented to its billions of users daily.

Zuckerberg knows what makes a business tick at the social media giant he created. It may no longer be simple, it may involve data and privacy breaches and stealthily presented ads or paid content. Yet, there’s no denying that Mark Zuckerberg did for social media what Steve Jobs did for computers.

And the only way it could have been done was with unique leadership insights, right moves while making use of technology to tweak and perfect the product offering.

‘The lessons are many indeed.

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